Risen Fly

Mixed Fly Assortment

We have built an assortment of flies to allow versatility on the water for any angler. This assortment contains 48 flies and comes with one of our Water Proof Boxes, you just have to choose which one. 

2 of each of these flies are included.  Substitutions may be made due to inventory.


Adams size 14

Blue Winged Olive 16

Stimulator Orange 12

Rusty Spinner 16

Pale Morning Dun 14

Royal Wulff 14

Black Midge 22

Hi-Viz Adams 16

Mosquito 18

Yellow Humpy 12

Black Ant 16

Yellow Foam Hopper 10



Bead Head Copper John 14

Bead Head Hares Ear 16

Bead Head Rainbow Warrior 14

Deep Sparkle Pupa 16

Hares Ear 12

Olive Hares Ear 14

Scud Gray 16

Stone Fly Black 12

Zebra Midge Black 20

Zug Bug 14

Green Weenie 12

Partridge and peacock 16