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Here's a list of companies and individuals we do business with.  They all use our products and are stand up people.  We support their business as well so come check them out!


If you're looking for fishing in Sedona and Northern Arizona, look no further!  Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures is the licensed Guide Service for Sedona's beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and Verde Valley.  We also guide trips to Lee's Ferry in Northern Arizona, Chevelon Creek, and Silver Creek in the White Mountains.  Enjoy a Red Rock filled adventure as you team up for great fishing, gourmet lunches, and stories to tell the grand kids, in Sedona!




Harold over at Spring Creek Outfitters has been guiding all over the US and throughout the world for around 20 years now.  He has the experience and knowledge to take you to places you've only dreamed about and catch fish you only see in magazines.  He has been using Risen Fly reels for around 3 years now and has also been one of the few who put our ITB rods to the test.  He loves our products and can push you to the next level while guiding you on many great streams.  Look up Harold next time you're looking for adventure.






Links to some of our friends:




Hammer Creek Fly Fishing









If you are interested in being involved in this program please email ryan@risenfly.com