Risen Fly

Furled Leaders with Tippet Ring

Some things in fly fishing never change.  Furled leaders have been around forever and are making a comeback in the market.  These leaders are made by furling nylon thread and slowly tapering it to achieve a great leader.  Using nylon helps eliminate memory, which in traditional mono leaders causes drag and inaccurate casts.  The tippet ring on the end will allow you to tie on several feet of tippet and extend the life of your leader.


We now offer 2 types of furled leaders.  Our dry fly leaders lay out very delicate and accurate casts to present your fly right where you want.  Our nymphing leaders have a hi-viz butt section to help with strike detection.  Grab some paste floatant to apply to each leader to meet your needs.



Light - 2-4 weight or flies sizes 16-24

Medium - 5-6 weight or flies size 10-14