Key Chain - Lillia's Lines of Love

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My name is Lillia and my dad helped me get the idea for these bracelets when I was selling those rainbow loom bracelets during the summer and he suggested I learn to make bracelets out of old fly lines. I also did a book drive to donate books to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and donated over 100 books, so we decided to combine those things and that’s how "Lillia's Lines of Love" got its start.  Not only will you receive an awesome bracelet for $10, but we will donate 25% of the sale of these bracelets to buy items like books and stuffed animals to donate to kids in the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Thank you for supporting my business!
*We can not guarantee exact color requests but will do our best to match what you want.
5" with attached clip and key ring
***These are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 
Key Chain - Lillia's Lines of Love