Pyramid Lake, NV Hosted trip. April 2022 $1295.00

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  • Pyramid Lake Hosted Fly-Fishing Trip

    $1295.00 includes 4 night stay and 3 days of fishing, meals and lodging included

    *To book, please email for details

    Land of the GIANTS world-record Cutthroat Trout
    Are you ready to hook the largest trout you have ever had on the end of a flyrod?
    All the rumors you have heard are true. You can have a 20+ fish day, standing on a ladder, in a huge lake, with good buddies! Oh, and the chances of landing a 15lb trout are increasing every season. In the 18-19 season many stories of 25lb. fish in the net were circling the campfire. A bucket-list trip you wont want to miss!!
    -Jason Mattick, Reno, NV- Host & Risen Fly Fishing Ambassador


    Arrive at Reno/Tahoe Airport.
    Check in to cabins at Pyramid Lake
    -guests are responsible for transportation to cabins. Rent a car or Uber.
    Once at the Lake, Jason will shuttle the group to the different fishing locations.
    5pm: Hosted Cocktails and appetizers- Meet and greet.
    6pm: Tri-Tip BBQ salads, rolls, fruit, dessert.
    (select beer and water will always be available- if you want other drinks, please bring)
    8pm- Gear check and set-up prep for early morning start


    5am: wake-up call: light eats and coffee available
    5:30am: Gear check and load shuttle to AM fishing location
    Those that miss wake-up calls will know the location and can drive there on their own when their head clears
    6am: flies hit the water **law says fishing can start one-hour before sunrise. Sunrise is 7am. A great bite is from this time through about 2 hours after the sun hits the lake.
    9am: Shore breakfast (breakfast burritos, yogurt, granola, fruit, coffee, water)
    Fishing on- we stay. If not, we move or relax at camp.
    Lunch- sack lunches prepared to grab in the AM before we leave. Cooler of water and beers available during day.
    Snacks available
    Fishing concludes one hour after sunset. The evening bite can be really good too!
    8pm: Dinner Tues: spaghetti Wed: Tacos Thurs: Crosbys Lodge

    Breakfast- grab and go food available
    Check out of Cabins
    Depart out of Reno/Tahoe Airport
    * Ladders will be provided. A gear list will be
    sent upon booking.
Pyramid Lake, NV Hosted trip.  April 2022 $1295.00
Pyramid Lake, NV Hosted trip.  April 2022 $1295.00