Risen Fly



Risen Fly is driven to provide top quality products to its customers at competitive market prices.  If there is ever an issue with quality or performance in the products that Risen Fly offers, we will fully reimburse the purchase price, or replace any broken or under performing product that is of the cause of the manufacturing.   If the model is discontinued, you will be credited for a certain amount towards the purchase of a new product. 


There is a lifetime warranty on any damage done to the products not due to normal wear and tear.  We stand behind our products and will replace or repair any warranty claim due to these reasons for a minimal cost. These such issues would be a broken rod due to personal mistake, dented spool or frame on the reel, etc.



If you have any issues with the products or have a warranty claim please contact me and we will work out the details.




Here are the fees on the warranty claims. (unless the repair costs less than the notated cost)


Ichthus reel - $30

Anakim reel - $50

ITB rod - $25




*warranty of products will always be lifetime, but cost for repair or replacement may change at any time*