Kamchatka Russia

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Rainbows on MICE in all it's glory.  You don't have to do much more convincing than that.  Kamchatka Russia is said to be what Alaska used to be 100 years ago.  Untouched by civilization and home to what some scientists say is the original strain of rainbow trout.  These rainbows live in their glory with next to no human interaction gorging on huge mayfly, caddis and stonefly hatches, but what really gets them going is the massive amount of mice that inhabit these areas.  They say these rainbows act more like a saltwater fish in the way they attack a top water mouse; hunting and killing it with a voracious appetite.  So now that I have YOU hooked, are you ready to go?  We have connected with an outfitter to make Kamchatka, which we all know is the top destination on your bucket list, a reality. 

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Here are the details.

The Two Yurt River is set in perhaps the most beautiful valley on the Peninsula.

Flowing east, the Two Yurt River drains the lake by the same name. Similar in size to Brooks Lake in Alaska, one clear distinction exists—no other people can be seen.

With our 50 year EXCLUSIVE us permit only 6 anglers per week are fortunate to see this trophy Rainbow Trout fishery.

With a huge run of Sockeye and King Salmon, Rainbows gorge on eggs and flesh growing to large proportions. Two Yurt combines many streams and offers every imaginable type of water, from freestone pocket water to long spring creek glides.

  • By late June the mighty King Salmon enter the river pulling Rainbow Trout up stream from both the Yelovka and Kamchatka river drainages.
  • From early July to early October, the 50 miles of river below the lake become thick with Rainbows.

With out a doubt it is the lake drain/springcreek character of the Two Yurt that gives it the remarkable number of fish in this 100 mile long system.  The Two Yurt is the same approximate latitude as Prince Rupert flowing through the Tamarac Island of Kamchatka.

With no annual ice scouring of the bottom substrate the river has prospered and the hatches can be so thick the caddis flies cover the rafts to an inch thick.

Our season on the Two Yurt emphasizes fishing rather than floating.  Some of the camps are located more closely together to allow more intensive coverage of prime pieces of water.

Anglers begin and end each day at one of five permanent camps that are spaced a full day of fishing apart.

  • Each of the camps is 100% supported by cabins.
  • Three guest cabins, hot showers, flush toilets all make this for a comfortable float.
  • Each cabin has a wood stove, electricity and a comfortable bed.

All of our locations now have cabins for the dining rooms as well as staff quarters.

Two Yurt Float Program

$6,895.00 per person from Petro


Kamchatka Russia
Kamchatka Russia
Kamchatka Russia
Kamchatka Russia